Community Coalition


The complete renovation Community Coalition’s South L.A. headquarters began with the simple gesture of relocating the entrance to its historic location at the corner to welcome people into the building.  The ceilings are raised wherever possible to take advantage of the building’s height roof structure, and new windows with more glass have been added to bring in natural light. The large conference room is now located along the exterior with direct outdoor access so that the community can see and participate in meetings. The central hub of the building is the open community lounge and large cook’s kitchen and break area that have four large skylights washing light into the space.  The center of the building is now open and vibrant, spilling energy and activity into the corridors and organizers’ rooms.  The entire space is state-of-the-art with smart boards and walls to write on with calls to action.


Commercial/ Non- Profit Organization


Community Coalition


8,000 square feet


Completed 2015


Photographs by Anthony De Santis