Working with two sets of friends that share a 1920’s craftsman bungalow duplex in Atwater Village, the design of the addition of two master suites to the back of the houses proved to be an interesting puzzle.  The existing duplex had a 6’ wide gap between the back rooms of the building which was creatively converted to a contained, shared courtyard that is accessed from each house through glass doors for a shared, light space for play or a glass of wine.  This space, like a Japanese micro-garden space, brings in light and the outdoors midway to the back private rooms of the houses.  The master bedrooms have a staggered configuration to allow for two private double-door exterior patios, one for each family.  The finishing of each bedroom and bathroom then followed the needs of the two households to allow for each to express the family’s individuality and tastes.




Photographs by Anthony De Santis