Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts is a charter elementary school founded in 2005 to provide an alternative education with a curriculum taught in and through the arts. They have existed only in temporary schools and were searching for a new campus. office42 was brought on to provide pro bono master planning and landscape design services for a potential long-term campus location.

The classrooms were portables set behind and existing church on the back end of a massive parking lot. Our design attempts to unify the parts of the campus by focusing on creating a playful circulation spine through the other church buildings on the site. At one end would be the drop-off area and playground – the high energy play areas – while on the other end is the gardening area and outdoor classrooms.

The budget for the campus was minimal but with a lot of parent activity. office42 researched inexpensive yet fun methods of screening to mask the existing buildings as well as the schools program in order to suggest arrangements of the different classrooms according to energy levels and hours of operation.

This site was not chosen but office42 is currently working with the school and their architect to facilitate the design and outfitting of its final, long-term campus.


Photographs by Anthony De SantisĀ