This existing 850 sf house is the only single family house on a block filled with apartment buildings. As a complete renovation, the client’s desire was to maximize the new square footage on the lot, while leaving the backyard intact. His interest in Japanese architecture led to a “bento box” organizational scheme that efficiently subdivides the floors into logical spaces, assuring a privacy separation between the master suite and the children’s bedrooms.

The entry is located adjacent to a two-story stair volume with a wood-paneled ribbon that connects the dining room (floor) to living room (floor/wall/celling) to the second story. The strong definitions of space above counter the fluid, open floor plan of the ground floor while both floors have a strong exterior space connecting them to the backyard.

Across the ceilings are scattered round recessed lights to create a diverse, star-like atmosphere, which is continued upstairs through the mix of round skylights, recessed lights, and pendant lights in the two-story volume.

Environmental systems (solar panels, solar hot water panels, air conditioning systems) are all discreetly placed on the roof.