Initially conceived as an “either/or” intervention, this remodel and addition to a house in Westchester became “both/and”, necessitating an incredibly tight budget. How much should a house cost to build? The cost of a custom home starts at double the cost of a “production” or contractor-designed home. office42 wants to operate within that huge discrepancy, working with contractors to do the things our clients want in a way the contractor wants to do it. There is a lot of money to be saved in a project from removing ourselves as the central player and becoming the agent of the client.

For this house, that meant relaxing our control over the materials and detailing, and focusing our efforts on the space of living. By adding 10’ to the back of the house, we were able to capture enough room for a master bath and a small office space, giving the parents’ some much needed private space. Above this, a new family room was created with an outdoor deck wrapping around and into the existing roof, creating a hybrid public-yet-secluded outdoor space.

At the front of the house, two minor additions – one just 40 square feet, and another just 15 square feet – in key locations, allowed a dramatically improved kitchen layout and entry circulation. In addition to these, the kitchen/dining wall was removed for added communication, and two other interior walls were removed or shortened to help with the house flow – both visually and physically.


Photographs by Anthony De Santis