City Lab, an entity within the UCLA School of Architecture, hosted a competition to rethink the topic of infrastructure on the scale of the original WPA programs of depression-era America. As there was no specific area to focus on, we focused on the democratization of and usability of services within our cities.

Go Bigger!! Go Smaller!! proposes:
1.The existing scales of government have been shifting over the past 30 years and we now need local representation to reflect this new paradigm. The city as an entity, bloated and bankrupt, is being muscled out by regional bodies (the SCAG in southern California) and we feel, therefore, that the community council districts need to be given more autonomy and financing to serve their local constituents better. This new entity needs to consolidate its myriad of field offices in favor of one large service center.
2.We must embrace mobile services as the logical extension of the current food-truck phenomenon, but we must control it better and tax it more, to both be fair to existing businesses and repair our road/parking infrastructure that it will use. With larger, centralized community centers, these mobile service centers bring service to the people, where they live and where they need it.

Go Bigger!! Go Smaller!!